Here I sit on the eve of Autumn Equinox, hot tea in my cup and Niah sleeping upstairs, there is a slight chill in the air and I have found my self more and more reaching for my favourite woolen socks.
Autumn I am ready for your golden light.

But before the seed heads laced with spiders webs, the fallen leaves that rustle underfoot and the cozying down beneath hoards of blankets,

My favourite summer moments I will remember once more . . . .

Glastonbury in Somerset, the home town of my soul.

Walking barefoot to the top of the Tor, and tying ribbons on the prayer trees with many blessings of love.

Niah in this vintage swimsuit, passed on from a dear friend who has kept it since her own girls were young.
I love it when I’m pottering about the house doing my chores and I stumble across little fragments of her world, small remnants of play left behind.
Village living is so wonderful, We have a neighbour a few doors along with an allotment at the bottom of his garden, this summer I have opened our front door to find all sorts of goodies left on our doorstep, fresh homegrown strawberries, raspberries, plums, beans, cucumber and on one occasion beautiful Hydrangea.
 Niah has become such a beautiful artist, I now have a scrapbook filled with her stunning abstract creations, many many moments this summer have been spent covered in paint and glitter.
There have been countless walks through meadows of long grass and wild flowers.
Spending time in the garden with Niah has made this summer my favourite of all my summers. Planting flowers together, and watching her water them with her little watering can, watching her splash in the paddling pool, or making friends with ladybirds and butterflies has quite literally felt like a dream.
I have pressed dozens of daisies and buttercups within the pages of my favourite books to remember this blessed time.
Coastal adventures, Sandy bottoms and salty Kisses.
 there is one thing that I hope will never fade in my memory it is the way her little hand feels in mine, It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.