A couple of weeks ago we made Eggy Cress Heads, a project that brought a certain little someone insurmountable joy!
We took our four empty egg shells and placed them in egg cups, Niah had lots of fun sticking on little googly eyes and smiles made from little pieces of yarn. She popped a ball of wet cotton wool inside each one and sprinkled in the seeds, then it was time to wait . . . .
Most of their time was spent growing on the kitchen windowsill, there were also a few nights that they slept beside Niah on the windowsill by her bed.
We watered them every day watching them grow and after about a week and a half, much to Niah’s delight, our little friends had a beautiful sprouting of green hair.
If you look closely you may notice that the second little egg is cracked, this happened one day, when Niah took it out front to show our elderly neighbour and her dog her achievements and unfortunately dropped it in the process, Smudge the dog enjoyed having a good sniff during its time on the floor.
 Anyone that came to visit was excitedly instructed to look at her ‘eggy heads’ even a couple of workmen doing gas repairs on our street were invited in one afternoon to have a look.
It was so wonderful to teach her the cycle of growing from a tiny seed, watering and waiting and then enjoying and eating the end result.
Niah loved the part where we gave them a haircut she also very much enjoyed the egg and cress sandwiches we had for our lunches in the few days that followed.
Obviously I’m going to have my hands pretty full this Spring / Summer but I hope to be able to grow a few more things in the garden with Niah, I’m thinking herbs, tomatoes and perhaps some strawberries.
I hope you’re having a wonderful start to Spring.